Anyone living in Atlanta knows, I-285 is made dangerous by a combination of factors. Heavy commuter traffic, a number of sharp turns, and a large number of tractor-trailers add to the constant uneasy navigating that one has to deal with while on I-285. Truck traffic is particularly heavy at the intersection of I-285 and I-85, commonly known as Spaghetti Junction. However, truck traffic at the interchanges of I-75 and I-20 are not much better and those driving through these areas, particularly during rush hour, know first-hand how dangerous it can be to navigate them.


If you use I-285, it is essential that you take extra precautions. These include:

  • Turning your cellphone off. At the least, your cellphone should be muted to remove the distraction it provides. Please keep in mind that all handheld cellphone use is illegal while driving in Atlanta.

  • Avoiding common distractions. In addition to your phone, avoid manipulating GPS, a car radio, or on-board entertainment systems. Shave and apply makeup at home or at work, not in your car.

  • Driving sober. Intoxicated drivers pose large safety risks to everyone on the road. This is even more true in heavy traffic.

  • Driving calm. Aggressive driving is a factor in more than 50% of all fatal car accidents. Aggressive driving includes speeding, tailgating, erratic lane changes, running red lights, and similarly discourteous and threatening behaviors.

When you drive sober, calm, and attentive, you greatly increase reaction time, lowering your risks of causing or being involved in an accident.


No matter how safe, intentional, and courteous your own driving, I-285 can still pose a serious risk. If you are involved in any type of motor vehicle accident, you may be entitled to compensation beyond the settlement offer from an insurance company. We encourage you to contact our office right away to schedule a free consultation where we can review your case and help you determine the best way to move forward!